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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tightly Plotted; Complex But Enjoyable

JL Bryan
www.jlbryanbooks.com (2009),
Kindle Edition
Print Length: 456 pages
Rated 4 stars of 5 possible

Every now and then, a book comes along that I enjoy reading (or perhaps not) but can't point out any reason why I like or dislike the book. Helix, is one of those "I like this book" types, but unfortunately, pointing my finger at definitive reasons why is beyond me at this time.  The tightly plotted, complex story had me curious as to the motivations of the well-developed characters, which became more clear as the story progressed. The protagonist and his adversaries are believable, realistic characters. Even those characters not completely human kept me interested; so naturally, I kept turning the pages.

One thing that doesn't bother me, but may discourage other readers: there's a lot of violence and death involved in parts of Helix. For that reason, I cannot recommend this novel to all, but, for those like me, who tend to overlook such things... you might want to pick this up the next time you're looking for something new and different to read. Helix is available in many different ebook formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords etc. and in paperback from your favorite book seller.

This copy of Helix was provided to me free by the author in exchange for this review. This review has simultaneously been published at Dragon Views, LibraryThing, Amazon.com and other appropriate locations on the internet.

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