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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Biblical Origins Explained

How We Got the Bible Video Study Series
Author: Timothy Paul Jones PhD
Rose Publishing (2015)
Multiple Media Formats, including DVD and Powerpoint
Complete Kit ISBN: 9781628622072
DVD Only ISBN: 9781628622065
Reading and Study Level: Adult

If you've ever had questions on the origins of the Bible, this study is for you. Facts are presented in an interesting manner through video lecture and animations. The complete kit also includes a written reference manual, a series of powerpoint slides, and a fold-out timeline chart as well as the printed versions of the leader's guide and participant's guide to enhance the understanding of the presented material.  While the study guides and some other components of the kit are available separately, some material is reserved to, and available only in the deluxe kit.

This study reveals the long process used to preserve the contents of our Bible through the centuries. From memorized (oral) history as seen by eye witnesses to events which happened during the life of Jesus Christ to written written word decades after His crucifixion, and translations from several languages many centuries later. The study is informative, valuable and entertaining for people who question the origins of the Bible and for those interested in Christian history. While this study is aimed primarily at adults, those in the middle through late teen years might also find the material of interest.

Note that I was given free access to promotional materials and an excerpt of this six session video study by the publisher for the purpose of this review. Nevertheless, all opinions stated in the above review are my own and I have not received any financial compensation for this review.

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