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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thought Provoking

By Kathy Bell
Northern Sanctum (2009)
First Canadian Digital Edition, PDF format, 358 pages
Rated 5 stars of 5 possible.

40 year-old Adya, mother of 6, is involved in a traffic accident on November 11, 2011. Hours later, she awakes in a hospital bed asking for her daughter. When she is fully awake, Adya discovers that she has regressed into her own younger self. She is 14 years old and single.

There's surprise after surprise as Adya learns to cope with the way things are now and attempts to discover the reason she is here and learn how to cope with a group of other regressees who seem to be hostile and resentful toward Adya. How does Adya cope with the new, alternate reality she has awoken into...? Naturally, Adya is full of questions, and this first novel in a new series answers some of them.

While alternate realities are nothing new, Kathy Bell takes the old story-line, twisting and turning it in new and exciting ways. Regression grabs the reader and does not let go, staying in one's thoughts even after finishing the last page. Regression is not a "quick and fluffy" read, but is full of thought-provoking  concepts.  This is the kind of novel I look for and eagerly await.  I'll be interested in the remaining books to the series.

Recommended to readers age 16 and up who want something more than a quick and easy read.  This review has been simultaneously posted on Dragonviews and Library Thing. I received the First Canadian Digital edition free from the publisher via the LibraryThing Member Giveaway program in exchange for this review, however I like this book enough to purchase a signed copy of the paper back edition from Northern Sanctum Press.

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