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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not Serious or Credible, but Still Fun

The Dragon at the Edge of the World
Charles White
Charles White (2009)
Pdf, 318 pages
Rated 3 stars of 5 possible

When I began reading this book, I had such high hopes for a new historical fiction novel.  Those hopes were soon to be dashed to pieces though, because there is little believable historical content in The Dragon at the Edge of the World.  That said, the novel is worth reading for entertainment purposes, as the humorous situations and the likeable characters create an interesting, if, at times, almost unbelievable story.

While I noticed a few grammatical and typographical errors in this book, they did not majorly detract from the story, so I didn't note the exact location of these errors. The characters in this story are a hodge-podge of unlikely companions of different ethnic backgrounds and from different parts of the world working together and against one another in the name of survival. The end of this novel screams sequel...

Recommended for laughs, but not for those looking for serious historical fiction or credible fantasy.  This eBook was provided to me free by the author in exchange for this review. This review has been simultaneously published on Amazon.com, Dragon Views and LibraryThing

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