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Thursday, August 26, 2010

News Story Generates Novel Idea

Among Thieves
By David Hosp
Grand Central Publishing (2010)
Hardcover, 384 pages
Rated 4 stars of 5 possible

In March of 1990, the largest art theft in history took place in Boston, Massachusetts. None of the stolen art has been recoverd after more than 20 years.  Among Thieves is clearly fiction, yet the novel incorporates many details about the actual event, and using the writer's eternal option - What if... - to create an intense and suspenseful thriller. Among Thieves begins with a string of murders which eventually tie in to Mr. Hosp's version of what happened to the stolen art.

The opening of this novel is a bit confusing because it doesn't seem to be about the art theft at all, but provides the reason why one of the men is later involved in the heist. This character background could be better tied to the main part of the story. The novel recovers from this weak opening though and provides a mostly interesting tale about the art heist. One other disconcerting thing happens in this book. The point of view switches between decades as facts about the actual theft 20 years ago are revealed, and the current-day investigation which has gone cold, but has not been closed.

In the middle of the story, which also represents the time between the heist and today, the tale sags a bit. In some ways, the dullness of this part of the story is accurate. Nothing is known about what actually happened after the thieves escaped with their bounty.  The author provides a satisfactory, appropriate, believable and entertaining ending to the story, recovering from the brief bout of dullness near the middle of the book.

Although, for the reasons previously stated, I down-grade the rating of this book from the perfect 5 to a very interesting 4 stars, I do recommed it to those who love to read mystery/thriller/suspense type novels and those who may be looking for something different. The usual caviat about violence and inappropriateness for those under 17 applies here.

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